oculos legal Overview

Designed for service delivery focused firms, that are looking to improve processes, case or file handler productivity and customer experiences.  Built for the 21st century, Oculos allows clients and customers to review current case and file details, create new cases, view files and exchange instructions.  Oculos extends comprehensive functionality of your Case Management system into the clients’ own space, via access to a secure Internet portal clients are able to review individual cases, files, documents and key events.


management visibility

Providing visibility across all of your files that you are linked to.  Supervisors can track all of their case handler or claims handlers files, ensuring that key information and dates are recorded, important documents are available for review or exchange.  Oculos includes the ability to watch files to ensure they are aware of changes.


detailed case summary

Showing a summary of the case or file, this screen can be fully customised to meet the clients requirements and can include different field information by case type.  Notes can be updated and a full team contact directory is included.


document store

Document deal room or document library allowing documents (Word, Excel and PDF) and images (JPG, PNG, TIFF) to be uploaded and shared. Documents can be archived and retrieved at a later date, the store also includes the ability to create custom folder structures to store your information.


Case Diary

Full Case Diary allowing key dates, events and meetings to be recorded.  Uploaded documents can be linked to each diary event.   Each event can also allow for the recording of comments by any party who has access to the file.



Easy to view timeline of a case or file.  As documents or diary events are added they are automatically added to the cases timeline, showing each event or interaction with the case in date order.